UC Cloud Solutions Support

Post Installation Carrier Repair Contact Information

24/7 Trouble Reporting Numbers

  • ACC Business - 1-800-309-4128
  • AT&T - 1-800-222-0200
  • CenturyLink SIP and IQ SIP - 1-877-878-7543 
  • Centurylink Metro Ethernet - 1-800-227-2218
  • Centurylink Local PRI & DS1 - 1-888-678-7070
  • Centurylink L D & Internet Based Services - 1-800-860-1020
  • Centurylink POTS and Analog Services - 1-800-223-7508
  • COMCAST Business Class - 1-800-391-3000
  • Ring Central - 1-888-898-4591
  • Legacy Level 3 - 1-800-829-0420
  • Time Warner Cable - 1-844-456-5062
  • Windstream - 1-877-340-2555
  • Verizon Business - 1-800-444-1111
  • UC Cloud Solutions  – 1-855-414-2444
  • Legacy XO (Verizon) - 1-800-421-3872
  • Voyant - 1-800-933-1224

How to properly open a Trouble Ticket:

Call The Appropriate Carrier Number Listed Above.

Please have your Account Number, Circuit ID, and Physical Address Of The Location Experiencing Trouble handy. Always write down the name of the person you spoke with, their direct callback number and ask for escalation in two hours if it has not been repaired before then. Do not hang up and wait for a callback to get a Trouble Ticket number, please wait on hold as long as necessary until your have Trouble Ticket Number in hand.

In many cases of trouble, (especially if the Carrier is experiencing a widespread outage) the carrier may need up to two hours to assign a technician. Once you have a Trouble Ticket number, please call UC Cloud Solutions at 1-855-414-2444 or email us at support@uccloudsolutions.com so we can assist you with the repair process, and escalate your issue.

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